What is “Legally Prepared” Conveyancing?

We get lots of questions every week about our “Legally Prepared” conveyancing service, what this involves and how it can massively speed up the property sale process. It is also really helpful for your vendors too – as it gives them the chance to get a lot of the paperwork dealt with in advance, so any potential issues can be dealt with before a buyer is even found… Whats more, the Legally Prepared service our conveyancers offer doesn’t even cost any more than the standard service…

Legally Prepared – What is it?

“Legally Prepared” is a conveyancing service for property vendors, whereby their conveyancer / solicitor will prepared as much of the sale paperwork as possible for the vendor of the sale – with the idea of eliminating many of the pitfalls in the conveyancing process before they arise, and avoiding lengthy delays in the progress of a later sale.

Estate Agents can earn around £200 per sale in extra commission with our conveyancing service, at no extra charge to your vendors or purchasers.

How does it speed up the sale?

Under our Legally Prepared scheme, our conveyancers will carry out the pre-contract work in advance – saving important time in the legal process. As the majority of the sellers paperwork and formalities are dealt with in advance of the sale, so as soon as a buyer is found, the vendors solicitor is able to issue draft contracts often on the same day.

How does it help your vendors?

Firstly by starting the legal work in advance you can be confident that your vendors are committed to the sale and want to advance as fast as possible. With a lot of the paperwork dealt with early on the vendors are in a strong position and are able to attract buyers who are keen to move quickly.

How does it benefit your estate agency?

When your vendor becomes legally prepared you can be confident that you have secured the sale as much as possible even at the early stages. Statistics show that the faster a sale progresses the less likely it is to fall through.

How much does it cost?

Our Legally Prepared service does not cost any your vendors any extra.
Our fixed price legal fee is just @ £400+VAT (No Sale, No Fee)
However, costs vary between different solicitors and conveyancers around the UK, and it is recommended that vendors and purchasers get a fixed price quote, otherwise they could end up running up really high bills.

Use our conveyancing and earn commission from each sale

You can earn around £200 per sale when your vendors / purchasers use our conveyancing services. It’s really easy to get set up and start earning commission, please reply to my email for more information or call 0845 257 2660