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The difference between good and outstanding sales progression

Over the last few months here at Complete My Sale we have been really focusing on what is the difference between good customer service and truly outstanding customer service  – that level of service that truly makes you feel like a valued and appreciated customer.

Our mission is to provide exactly that level of outstanding customer service that people talk about.


  1. A dedicated sales progressor who will look after your customers and your sales right through to completion.
  1. Experienced customer service manager dedicated to supporting our team of sales progressors to maximise the customers experience.
  1. We are easy to contact with extended opening hours, direct dial telephone numbers, text messaging service and emails direct to your sales progressor.
  1. Close monitoring and in depth data analysis – our purpose made sales progression system eliminates the possibility of any calls being missed or delayed.
  1. Frequent updates and regular communication – even if no update is available your customers will still be contacted to assure them everything is on track.
  2. Customer feedback mid-sale and post completion. We believe in the importance of ensuring your customer has a positive experience right the way through the sales process.


We have talked at length with a number of our estate agents as it’s clear that a lot of you feel the same. Yes fast completions are always excellent, but ensuring your customer is genuinely impressed with our (your) service actually has much higher value, to you, and us – which is why we treat both with equal importance.

“I am sorry this note is late, but I just wanted to say thank you for how you handled the sale of ——- (which completed nearly 6 months ago) it was not an easy sale with 6 in the chain below us, and I have been meaning to find the time to email you for some time. The work Belinda did from your sales progression team to move everything forward was greatly appreciated, even sorting out issues further down the chain to ensure the sale was secure. Never have I received such a diligent service so I wanted to ensure she knew how much we appreciated her work. If only every estate agent worked so professionally as you. Apologies this feedback is a bit slow getting back to you, but we have been so busy with the new baby!”

– Just one of the lovely feedback messages we get from our (your) customers!

Our prices are on a fixed fee, no exchange – no fee basis, so you always know where you stand in terms of our costs – regardless of how complicated the sale is, or the length or chain.

Sales Progression job vacancy – looking for the best

Complete My Sale are looking for an experienced estate agent administrator or customer service manager to join our fast paced sales progression team.

The role involved coordinating the sale of a property after the sales negotiations have taken place (this is not a sales role) your role will be coordinate the administration, financial and legal requirements involved in a house sale. The vast majority of your time will be spent talking to other estate agents, solicitors, conveyancers, mortgage brokers, surveyors – basically everyone involved in the property sale. You task will be to ensure the property sale takes place as quickly as possible by ensuring delays and issues are minimised.

The candidate we are looking for will be highly motivated, driven to meet high customer service targets and committed to keeping accurate records, and following up on tasks with the greatest of diligence.

We are looking for someone with a professional, confident telephone manner, who is comfortable taking control of problematic situations if they arise and working on a swift solution with all parties involved. There will be times when you need to put firm pressure these people to take action, so you should not be afraid to be push for results when required.

The position if office based in Warrington Town Center.

This role is full time Monday – Friday

For more information please email


What is “Legally Prepared” Conveyancing?

We get lots of questions every week about our “Legally Prepared” conveyancing service, what this involves and how it can massively speed up the property sale process. It is also really helpful for your vendors too – as it gives them the chance to get a lot of the paperwork dealt with in advance, so any potential issues can be dealt with before a buyer is even found… Whats more, the Legally Prepared service our conveyancers offer doesn’t even cost any more than the standard service…

Legally Prepared – What is it?

“Legally Prepared” is a conveyancing service for property vendors, whereby their conveyancer / solicitor will prepared as much of the sale paperwork as possible for the vendor of the sale – with the idea of eliminating many of the pitfalls in the conveyancing process before they arise, and avoiding lengthy delays in the progress of a later sale.

Estate Agents can earn around £200 per sale in extra commission with our conveyancing service, at no extra charge to your vendors or purchasers.

How does it speed up the sale?

Under our Legally Prepared scheme, our conveyancers will carry out the pre-contract work in advance – saving important time in the legal process. As the majority of the sellers paperwork and formalities are dealt with in advance of the sale, so as soon as a buyer is found, the vendors solicitor is able to issue draft contracts often on the same day.

How does it help your vendors?

Firstly by starting the legal work in advance you can be confident that your vendors are committed to the sale and want to advance as fast as possible. With a lot of the paperwork dealt with early on the vendors are in a strong position and are able to attract buyers who are keen to move quickly.

How does it benefit your estate agency?

When your vendor becomes legally prepared you can be confident that you have secured the sale as much as possible even at the early stages. Statistics show that the faster a sale progresses the less likely it is to fall through.

How much does it cost?

Our Legally Prepared service does not cost any your vendors any extra.
Our fixed price legal fee is just @ £400+VAT (No Sale, No Fee)
However, costs vary between different solicitors and conveyancers around the UK, and it is recommended that vendors and purchasers get a fixed price quote, otherwise they could end up running up really high bills.

Use our conveyancing and earn commission from each sale

You can earn around £200 per sale when your vendors / purchasers use our conveyancing services. It’s really easy to get set up and start earning commission, please reply to my email for more information or call 0845 257 2660

What Hunters Estate Agents say about our Sales Progression Services

Outsourcing your sales progression to Complete My Sale can really help you to take your estate agency to the next level, our expert sales progressors will carefully and proactively manage each sale on your behalf to secure the fastest possible exchange and completion.

CMS also ensure our time is managed highly effectively with the help of our cutting edge live sales tracking system which ensures  the highest quality of service and regular updates for your customers – time which you might not always have in your office, and time which you could be using to secure more new sales, and growing your business.

“Sales progression is very labour intensive and not the best use of my time, but since using Complete My Sale my involvement has reduced to less than 20% and I would rate their customer service as 10 out of 10.” – HUNTERS ESTATE AGENTS

What the Video from Hunters here (it is 2 minutes long)

What Hunters Estate Agents say about CMS Sales Progression

How to save time and grow your estate agency

For branch managers and agency owners it can be a tricky balancing act juggling your time between ensuring your agreed sales progress efficiently, and bringing on enough new instructions – but do you ever feel like you are treading water?

I have worked in and run many estate agencies and I understand how valuable your time is, and how critically important it is for you to be able to set aside a certain amount of time to focus on expanding your business and securing your existing client base – generating more enquiries, more new instructions… and ultimately achieving more sales.

But how can you do this with only so many hours in the day?

The answer is easy – and fundamentally why Complete My Sale has sky rocketed in terms of popularity as the UK’s most reliable and efficient sales progression outsourcing provider for estate agents.

Our sales progression service will give you back the time you need to really focus on your business and free you up from the day to day runnings which consume so much of your time and prohibited you from adding real value to your business – and you certainly don’t need me to tell you where your time will be better spent.

How CMS can help your estate agency:

• Pro actively manage and progress each sale from the point of sale agreed onwards
• Contact all parties involved in the sale for regular actions and updates
• Promptly confirm all the financial and legal aspects of the sale are in place
• Our highly efficient and professional team provide the highest standard of customer service
• We operate under a white label – which means we use your company name, not ours
• Your sales team can focus on securing more new instructions and increasing your pipeline
• Regular updates for your buyers and sellers throughout which save you time dealing enquiries
• Happy customers and fewer complaints as we keep your customers fully informed of every update directly.
• Complete on more sales as our close monitoring, reporting and attention to detail avoid or migrate around most reasons why a sale might fall through.

Find out more about how we can help you secure more new instructions >>
Click here for a copy of our brochure and prices >>

Cutting estate agents fall through rates in half

Complete My Sale has proven that by having a dedicated sales progression team managing each sale we can reduce your fall through rates. Complete My Sale fall through rates are roughly half that of the national average.

We understand that your business works incredibly hard to recruit, market and negotiate a property sale. It is just as important to ensure that once the sale is agreed it is managed through to exchange and completion otherwise all the hard work at the beginning will of been wasted..